Corporate Overview

CTC Media Group is a diversified media organization with
experience and expertise in radio broadcasting and
communications systems. The Corporation owns and operates
radio properties in the eastern US. The corporation provides
consulting engineer support to the broadcast industry and
government agencies
CTC Media Group was formed in 1990 for the purpose of
acquiring and upgrading under performing radio properties.
The company focuses on the second 50 markets seeking to
improve AM broadcast facilities through the introduction of
new technologies and the expansion of service areas.
Using knowledge gained from the experience operating the
corporation's O&M stations has expanded the firm's market to
provide technical and management support on a wide range of
activities including radio station acquisition, FCC licensing ,
examination of EAS networks for the CATV industry and FCC
compliance verification and field measurements testing.
CTC Media Group, Inc.
                     New in 2011:
  • WNOS & WWNB New Bern upgraded now with areawide
    AM/FM coverage
  • WNOS moves to new format it is now News/Talk
  • CTC Media implements 4 statewide AM repeater sites
    satellite synchronized for the Delaware Department of
    Transportation (DelDOT)
  • CTC Media inaugurates a support service for  the
    Omnitronix transmitters user community